A guide to developing concentration power in kids

Everyone knows that young children often get distracted by anything that happens around them. It’s not just children, but adults also lose their focus quite often. While the grown-ups can easily concentrate on stuff they are working on, it’s a lot harder for children. This guide will give you an insight as to why children lose focus, as well as a list of important tips to improve their concentration.

Why Children Struggle to Concentrate?

Having too many distractions can cause a child to lose their concentration and focus. What you can do to improve their focus is to give them only one task at a time. Their focus will depend on the type of work they are trying to finish. If you give them the same tasks over and over again, they will eventually get bored and lose focus.

A good Dural Kindergarten creates a pleasant learning environment where children can develop various skills, including focus and concentration. Their preschool teachers will organise various activities and concentration games, and motivate children to actively participate in it.

4 Effective Tips to Improve Concentration:

In order to improve your child’s focus and concentration, try the following tips suggested by Dural Kindergarten teachers:

  • Before giving them a task, create a distraction-free environment to help them focus. Keep away electronic gadgets, so that their attention will remain on the task at hand.
  • Make sure that all the materials necessary for the task are readily available. Your child must be able to reach out to them easily.
  • Always maintain a schedule. This will help your child realise when it’s time to play and when they’re supposed to study.
  • Allow your kids to take breaks in between studying. This will help them to recharge, physically and mentally.

Recommended Games & Activities:

Here are some activities and games you can try to boost your child’s concentration.

  • Memory games – In this game, your child will be asked to memorise words or visuals. This not only makes them focus, but also build concentration throughout the activity.
  • Cooking activities – Yes, cooking is great for improving focus in children. They will have to follow the instructions described in the recipe, from start to finish. This is a great method for teaching children about the importance of focus and concentration.
  • Building activities – Children love to build. There are different materials available including blocks, straws, and more for building activities. A Dural early childhood centre will have these materials handy to let your kids play, learn and improve their concentration.
  • Puzzles – Puzzles are great for both children and adults alike. Kids will be intrigued to solve the problem and work with others while putting the pieces together. Besides improving concentration, they will also learn to coordinate with their friends.

Preschool teachers at Dural Childrens Centre will be determined to monitor the progress of your child in enhancing their focus and concentration. Parents can also involve in different activities with their children to help them out.

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