Little Angels Kids Early learning Childcare Centre Giving Sydney Kids A Head Start For The Last 17 Years

Do you want to provide your kids with a stress-free child care experience? At Little Angels Early Learning children’s centre, we offer all-inclusive, stress-free child care and early education experience.

  • Our unique programs are designed to prepare your child socially and academically for school

  • Nappies, wipes, bedding, and more are included.

  • We create healthy and delicious meals and snacks that meet the special dietary requirements of your kids.

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Sydney childcare that helps your child develop. How We Differ?

We carefully create play-based learning programs that help your kids explore and discover their hidden unique talents. All our programs are taught by qualified early childhood teacher and focus on language, literacy, numeracy and social skills to prepare your child for school and life beyond. Kids early learning is a must for your child.

Long Day Care Childcare

Nutritional Meals

Homemade meals using healthy & nutritional ingredients

Experienced Educators

Experienced educators dedicated to building your child's confidence

School & Kinder Ready

We've helped over 3,000 kids get a head start at Kindergarten & School

Long Day Care

We've got your child covered from 7 am - 6 pm!

Early Childhood Learning Centre

Kids Early Learning Child Care Centre That Developes Children's Unique Capabilities

Each of our rooms run an individual age-appropriate daily educational program that combines children’s interests, teacher-initiated experiences, parent input and spontaneous experiences. The school readiness preschool program at our child care in Baulkham Hills runs throughout the entire day, with the majority of planned learning experiences occurring between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

We provide Early Learning & Long Day Childcare to these groups:

Our school readiness program includes,

  • Literacy and Numeracy skills and concepts
  • Fine and Gross Motor skills
  • Social and Emotional skills
  • Creative arts skills

We are dedicated to providing the best child care in our community through innovative programs and curriculum play-based learning. We provide your children with an educational basis to become confident learners and prepares them for their transition to school.


Not all minds that wander are absent

At our childcare centre in Baulkham Hills, we hold a variety of school readiness programs that focus on literacy, numeracy, social, emotional and creative art skills. We’ve developed custom educational programs that cater to all children’s interests and abilities.

Our opening hours are 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.

At Little Angles ELC, Baulkham Hills, the enrolment process is best conducted by submitting an enquiry form onto our contact us page where you can submit all your child’s information and we can follow up with you accordingly.

Fees may vary dependent on a variety of different factors. The best way to get an accurate idea of how much this will cost is to come visit our facility for a tour or call us or email us.

Our Early Learning Foundations

We live for the positive experience that you and your children will experience in our centres.

Social & Emotional Development

  • Understanding and regulating emotions
  • Developing friendships and empathy


  • Recognising numerals & working with numbers
  • The attributes of shapes


  • Sensory exploration
  • Drama, dance, music & art
  • Experimenting, constructing, investigating

Family & Community

  • Diversity & sustainability
  • Partnerships & collaboration

Lauguage & Literacy

  • Oral language skills
  • Drawing & emegent writing


  • Confidence, Resilience, Independence, Curiosity & persistence

Parents agree that Little Angels ELC is a perfect kickstart & preparation for Kindergarten & beyond!


Of Little Angels parents agree their child's Numeracy, Language & Social Skills improve in the first 6 months of enrolment.


Of Little Angels parents agree their child is more confident, comfortable and enthusiastic about trying new things.


Joanne Draybi

Founding Director at Little Angels ELC

Multiple Child Care Locations

Little Angels Early Learning Centre, a top-rated day care in Dural, and is committed to providing high-quality child care through carefully created early childhood programs. All our programs are guided by the Australian quality standards with priority to children’s interest and goals. Our Dural kindergarten programs are designed to provide high-quality care and education to each child and are offered by educators who are from a range of cultural backgrounds. These programs encourage children to aim for personal excellence and develop social skills in a fun environment.

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