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Child Care Kindergarten Early Learning Centre

Our programs are created and guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and we strongly believe through the combination of learning, play and experimenting we create a program that enables all children to reach their full potential.

Our educational programs are developed, implemented and reflected on by an experienced and qualified team of educators. Each of our rooms run an individual age appropriate daily educational program that combines children’s interests, teacher initiated experiences, parent input and spontaneous experiences.

Through our programs, children are encouraged to explore, learn and develop at their own pace. Through our play-based learning, the children are always respected and encouraged to be themselves.


Educational and Fun Incursions School Readiness Preschool Program

In our Inventors Room (4-5years), we believe in creating a fun yet structured learning environment where the children are encouraged to become increasingly independent for their own learning and needs. Our School Readiness Program runs throughout the entire day, with the majority of planned learning experiences occurring between 8:30am and 3:30pm.

Our School Readiness Program includes a focus on:

  1. Literacy and Numeracy skills and concepts (eg. Ants in the Apple phonics program, letter-sound relationships, numbers, counting, patterning etc)
  2. Fine and Gross Motor skills (eg. developing finger and wrist strength and control, correct pencil grip, running, skipping, balancing etc)
  3. Social and Emotional skills (eg. how to initiate play with others, how to share and negotiate turns, how to regulate emotions effectively, how to engage in a classroom environment etc)
  4. Creative arts skills (eg. exploring colour and line in drawing and painting, understanding rhythm and beat in music and movement, role playing etc)
educational programe

Educational and Fun Incursions

Child Care Kindergarten Early Learning Centre has developed a tailor-made educational program that incorporates all children’s interests and abilities. We combine this with parent input, spontaneous experiences and intentional teaching to build our fun and educational program.

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