Top factors to consider when choosing the best early childhood centre

The population of dual earner families is continuously increasing nowadays. In some research done by several family institutions in the country in the recent years, more than 60% of the total population of parent couples with kids age below 18 years are dual earners. This trend is steadily rising through the years.

Our family is one of the statistics especially now that we are in a pandemic. With some people losing jobs due to the global health crisis, I decided to take every available job opportunity to help with our family’s finances. Of course, this decision comes with sacrifices. From being a helicopter mom to my youngest, I had to be less attached to him in an instant.

This has taken a toll to both me and my two-year-old son. The separation anxiety hits us real hard. One of the effective ways that helped us adjust to the situation real well was getting a child care centre that is near to our work place. It gave me more flexibility and allowed me to maximise every minute that I have after office hours with my son.

We narrowed down our search to the best Baulkham Hills childrens centre. Here are the factors that we have considered in deciding the Baulkham Hills early childhood centre that will work best for our son.

Operating Hours and Convenience

The topmost factor that we took into consideration is the operating hours of the day care centre. We need one with an extended hour option since my husband has to drop our youngest early in the morning, while I need some extra time after business hours to pick him up just in case I need to extend at work to finish some tasks.

Since the child care Baulkhalm Hills facility that we chose is just a few minutes away from work, it gave me the convenience that I need to visit my son in the middle of the day. It helped ease the separation anxiety that both my son and I were experiencing at that time.

Open Communication & Family-Friendly Environment

As this daycare setup is new to my son, we have chosen a place with a considerable support system for dual earning families like us. The teachers and other staff are constantly in touch with parents; constantly updating us about the progress in our child’s welfare. The centre also offers extensive resources and support that we need to better understand what my child is experiencing at the different stages of his life. Above all, it regularly conducts family events that strengthen the bond between us and the centre staff. It gave us the assurance that our child is in good hands.

The factors to consider when choosing the best centre for children vary depending on the work pattern, family situations as well as home structure of our kids. What is important is to sit down and clearly assess what is the option that will work best for you and the welfare of your child. From there, you can easily narrow down the facilities that will best support your family’s early childhood needs.

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