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Top 4 myths about early childhood education that parents shouldnt believe

Several parents don’t buy into the idea of enrolling their children in preschools, mainly due to various misconceptions about early childhood education. When you don’t provide preschool education for your kids, they are missing out on the opportunity of developing vital skills and abilities. So before making up your mind, read this guide to be aware of the popular myths about early childhood education.

Myth 1: Early Learning Centres Only Offer Day Care

A Baulkham Hills childrens centre is not just about day care. Of course, there are places that simply look after your child when you are working. But if you enrol your child in an early children’s centre, they not just take care of your child throughout the day, but also provide quality education to impart the most important life skills.

Their teachers will have a good educational background and experience in this field. Childhood centres organise activities and games that are designed to teach your children a range of skills including reading and writing, fine motor skills, social or communication skills, problem solving, managing responsibility, and even more.

Myth 2: Kids Will Eventually Forget Everything They Learn

Another popular misbelief is that children won’t be able to recall everything they learned at a Baulkham Hills childrens centre. Research suggests that children always observe, learn, and remember things clearly even when they are young. The brain grows and collects as much information as possible at a young age. In fact, it retains double the information as adults, which is exactly why early childhood education is imperative for the all round development of children.

Myth 3: Frequent Separation of Children From Their Parents is Bad

Certain people believe that children should require full-time maternal care. They argue that the bond between a mother and her young child will be broken when they are separated frequently. This is not true. A good Baulkham Hills early childhood centre will employ strategies to eliminate separation anxiety in kids, while also helping to nurture social skills that’d be highly useful in their future.

Myth 4: Preschool Education is Too Early for Kids

Many parents believe that kids should simply play around and have fun, rather than forcing them to learn at an early stage. Regardless of enrolling your child in an early childhood centre, they are learning things every single day. In reality, they learn even more when they are younger, so providing early education at this time will do more good than harm.

Early childhood education prepares your kids not just for school, but for life. Good child care in Baulkham Hills will always encourage to learn everything from basic numeracy to emotional development. Get in touch with a supervisor today if you have any questions.

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