What makes a good preschool teacher top 7 qualities

Providing quality early education is a big responsibility of a preschool teacher. To ensure that your child receives the right guidance, it is important to be aware of the necessary qualities that a dependable teacher must have. Take a look at these 7 traits described below:

Kind and Likeable Personality:

Children will be naturally drawn towards teachers who are kind and approachable. They exude great energy and have a likeable personality. This paves the way for friendly interactions and a better learning experience overall. Teachers at a day care in Dural will be compassionate and provide enough support to make the kids comfortable.

Thorough Knowledge:

Besides being friendly to their students, a good preschool teacher will keep themselves updated on the latest developments in preschool education, and will be knowledgeable on the topics that are taught to your children. They are passionate about their job and remain committed to improve the skills of their students.

Good Listener:

Listening skills is as much important as speaking skills. No student will be interested if they feel neglected or ignored by their teacher. Two-way communication is always effective, and this will make children confident to express their thoughts. Listening and interacting with the kids accordingly will make the teaching session equally interesting for both the teacher and students.


This is a really important quality that a preschool teacher must have. It wouldn’t be easy to handle children who are trying hard to adapt to the new environment. Additionally, kids will get frequently distracted during sessions.

Even though the experience can be frustrating at times, a reliable preschool teacher at a day care in Dural will be patient enough to deal with the situation. They will continue to train the kids to get them familiarised with the outside world.


Children will be involved in several activities that exercise their cognitive abilities. A creative preschool teacher at Dural childrens centre will introduce different methods or techniques that make the session fun and engaging for kids. Using the limited resources available within the classroom, they will come up with something that interests them.


Preschool learning environment is constantly subject to change, which will apparently affect the class routine. A good preschool teacher will always be prepared and handle the situation efficiently.

Good Organising Skills:

A preschool teacher has to take care of a plethora of duties including covering the curriculum, analysing every child’s progress, setting up fun activities, and more. Things can go topsy turvy, but they will ensure to keep everything organised. Maintaining a structured learning environment will impart the necessary organising skills to the children as well.

A good preschool teacher having these qualities can certainly create a positive impact in children’s lives. Get in touch with a Dural early childhood centre and see how dedicated they are in delivering the best preschool experience for kids.

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